About Me

My name’s Kristine. Born in July 1983. Middle child of three. Married to David since April 2004. Mother of a mini-goblin named Leland born September 2011. Fur-mom to a cat Rita (adopted March 2013), a corgi/chihuahua mix named Rose (adopted December 2015) and Raffi, our pembroke corgi (purchased April 2016).

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I’ve literally grown up immersed in crafts and sewing my entire life. I attended a year-round elementary school, and the majority of the three week breaks from school, instead of hiring a babysitter, my mom often took us to live in the backroom of the craft store she worked at till I was 11 during her shifts. This definitely imprinted on my life.

I’m an extremely socially awkward adult, and I still prefer to immerse myself in solo activities… my crafts, my gaming, etc. I stay at home with Goblin, and my creation and running of Whistling Doe is my attempt to still retain an independent identity outside of “mommy and housekeeper”.

Whistling Doe has very, very slowly grown out of primarily creating gifts for friends and family through the past 15+ years, with the occasional stranger asking me to make something for them. I love arts and crafts as a “therapy” to ease the trials and tribulations of every day life, and seeing my work appreciated makes my day.

Nice to meet you~ ^.^